How To Choose The Best Electric Kettle For Your Kitchen

January 18, 2021 | Cristina Dinulescu

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Even though electric kettles aren’t as popular or common in the United States as their stovetop counterparts, they are still a highly convenient addition to any kitchen. The market is quite varied as well, so if you’re looking for the best electric kettle, you’ll have many options from which to choose. In terms of design, these kettles tend to have a more modern appearance than conventional ones.

Every electric kettle has a heating element, which is a coil of thick material and it can sometimes be concealed. When the kettle is plugged into a receptacle, the electricity goes into the heating element, quickly warming up the water. It’s pretty clear that electric kettles do offer several advantages over the conventional ones like the added safety features, faster boiling time, adjustable temperature controls, automatic shut-offs. Plus, they can even be more energy efficient than other electrical appliances like the microwave

If you’re a tea lover or fancy a plate of fast pasta, then you should really consider investing in an electric kettle to help boil water faster. What’s more, when using stovetop kettles, there isn’t any automatic shut-off feature. With electric kettles, you can walk away while it’s heating the water without worrying. 

3 Things To Consider When Buying an Electric Kettle

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Electric kettles come in a variety of styles, with different options. So, choosing the best electric kettle for your needs should take into account several factors. Here is what you need to consider when purchasing an electric kettle. 

1. Capacity

There are plenty of electric kettles of different water capacities. So, when trying to figure out which option is the right one for your needs, think of how many cups of tea or coffee you plan on making at once. This way, you will be able to adequately approximate the optimal water capacity. The water capacity of electric kettles is somewhere between .5 to 1.8 liters. Typically, an electric kettle can hold about 6-8 cups of water. But there are smaller versions, which can hold up to 2 cups of water.  

2. Speed

Electric kettles heat up water faster than conventional kettles, which is why they are the ideal choice when looking to make a quick beverage. If you are looking for the fastest option, you need to pay attention to wattage and invest in a high-powered kettle. A standard kettle can boil water in about 7 minutes, but high-powered models only take 2 to 4 minutes. 

3. Temperature Settings

Some kettles have a very convenient temperature setting, which allows you to heat water to a precise temperature by simply pressing a button. Controlling the temperature is considerably more difficult when using a conventional kettle because water usually gets poured as soon as it’s boiling. So, there’s really no way of knowing the different temperatures reached, leading up to the boiling point. 

What’s The Best Electric Kettle For Health?

Electric kettles are made of stainless steel, ceramic, plastic, or glass. People use these products for boiling water, sanitizing bottles and jars, brewing tea or coffee. This is why it’s important to search for safe appliances of this kind. 

As a rule, you should avoid purchasing kettles that have a plastic interior. Over time, as the kettles heat up, the materials start breaking down, causing cracks and imperfections. Plus, plastic kettles release unwanted chemicals when boiling water. Drinking tea or water which smells like or taste of plastic is harmful and it may affect your health. So, consider investing in non-plastic kettles. If you do want to invest in a plastic kettle, make sure you are buying a BPA-free version, with no harmful chemicals. 

Ceramic kettles have a more traditional appearance, unlike the stainless steel options, which are more modern-looking. There are even versions that combine materials. The kettle itself is made from one material, and the accent pieces like the lid, the base, and the handle from a different material. 

Extra Features For The Best Electric Kettle

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Safety Features

The general perception is that electric kettles are safer than stovetop ones. Most electric models come with an automatic shut-off function. This means that the kettle turns off automatically when the water has reached the desired temperature. Basically, you don’t have to worry about unplugging or powering off the kettle. The boil-dry protection technology is another safety feature, found in certain electric kettles. This turns off the heating elements once the appliance detects that there is no water inside. 


When talking about design, you should know that this varies greatly. Some are tall and skinny, others are shorter and fatter, resembling the traditional kettle. Plus, electric kettles can be found in different colors, even though the most popular ones are black, silver or clear. In terms of interior design, electric kettles contain either hidden or immersed heating elements. They function in the same manner, but the models with hidden elements are easier to clean. 

Ease of Use

This is one of the first things you need to take into consideration when comparing kettles. Generally speaking, they are all fairly simple to operate. However, some have interesting features like LED lights, clear water windows, or retractable cords, which make them more user-friendly.

3 Options For The Best Electric Kettle

Taking into account benefits, features, and of course price, here is our list of best electric kettles to consider:

1. Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Electric Kettle

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If you are a serious tea-drinker, then you know that different teas steep at different temperatures. Cuisinart knows this and their CPK-17 stands as evidence. This electric kettle allows you to select the desired temperature from 6 pre-programmed temperature settings, labeled with the recommended coffee and tea options.  

Plus, the settings are easy to operate with one hand and the kettle is easy to pour, thanks to its thick and ergonomic handle.  Removing the base for pouring is also simple, as well as replacing it for the keep warm setting and storage. It features a viewing window that allows you to see how much water is left in the kettle without opening the lid. And on top of everything, this kettle comes with a three-year warranty. 

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2. Ovente Electric Hot Water Portable Glass Kettle

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If you are looking for an affordable electric kettle that comes with plenty of features, you should definitely consider the Ovente portable glass kettle. It’s durable and stylish thanks to its blue LED lights, which illuminate when the pot is in use, automatically turning off after.

This kettle is made with heat-tempered, stain-resistant borosilicate glass, plus a stay-cool handle, capable of resisting extreme heat and staining. It also has a 360-degree swivel base, keeping the kettle from sliding and serving as storage for its retractable 30-inch cord.

It can boil a 1.5-liter pot of water in seven minutes due to its 1,100 watts of power, being an energy-efficient alternative to stovetop kettles. This cordless BPA-free kettle has a removable filter and concealed heating element for efficient cleaning. It comes with boil-dry protection technology and an automatic shut-off feature. Ovente has a two-year limited warranty, covering manufacturer defects.

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3. KITCHENAID Electric Kettle

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The  1 ¼-liter KitchenAid kettle is an adorable and well-reviewed, compact option. Having the look and feel of a stovetop kettle, with a stainless steel body and aluminum handle, this kettle comes in six colors, with a wrap-around cord base to keep the countertop free of excess cords. It’s very simple to use, having a one-touch activation button. Plus, it’s easy to fill as it comes with a lid that can be completely removed. 

If you appreciate traditional stovetop kettles, but you are looking for a more energy-efficient version, then consider the KitchenAid electric kettle. The pistachio hue kettle version is a charming option for kitchens. 

With 1,500 watts of power, a smooth aluminum handle for easy pouring, and LED on-off switch that lights up when the gadget is in use, the KitchenAid option is definitely worth considering. Plus, it comes with a removable base, lid, and lime-scale filter for ease of use, as well as a one-year hassle-free replacement warranty.

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