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Whether your house is overrun by curious little kids or you and your spouse are empty nesters, it is always important to make sure your house is safe electrically to avoid any potential threats that could come upon your family. Having a little one interested in a power outlet is not the only way electricity could threaten members of your family. Penna Electric represents the most trusted of Los Angeles electrical contractors to protect your family against dangerous electrical issues.

There are different tips to remember that grow with your family, but there are also safety precautions that remain intact for every home, no matter who lives there. Whenever you have questions or concerns regarding the safety of your home, feel free to give the best Los Angeles electrical contractors a call!

1. For families with children, it is important to make sure all unused electric outlets are properly covered to obstruct the inquisitiveness of little fingers.

2. Keep any electronic devices away from the possibility of spills or bodies of water. Electronic devices and water when mixed can produce a shocking result.

3. Are your cords and electrical wires properly covered and in good standing? Frayed wires and cords could reveal live wires that may present a fire hazard as well as an electrical shock to anyone that touches it.

4. Do your switches and outlets work as they should? If they do not, you will want to search for Los Angeles electrical contractors that can replace the inoperable components of your home’s electrical system. Such components could very well indicate dangerous wiring conditions that might result in overheating and fire.

5. When was the last time your checked out your circuit breaker box? It is recommended that switches are tested annually to make sure everything is working well. You will want to turn off your fridge, freezer and AC and turn each breaker on and off three times. Another thing to keep in mind with your circuit breaker box is that if it is regularly tripping, this is an indication of serious problems with your home’s wiring and you should seek out the best of Los Angeles electrical contractors quickly to prevent fire.

6. If you live in a newer home, or have recently installed new circuits, you might be familiar with the term Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters, or AFCI for short. Homes that do not have AFCI’s installed are encouraged to do so. AFCI’s are used for arc fault protection to the circuit from the type of arching that causes fires. Penna Electric is the very best of Los Angeles electrical contractors for the installing new circuits and AFCI’s.

Just a Few Tips

Here are just a few tips you can follow to better insure safe livings circumstances for you and yours. If you hear any strange noises, see flickering lights or there’s an electrical feeling in the air, no need to call Ghost Busters, call up your favorite Los Angeles electrical contractors today at 1-800-259-9070 to make sure your home is electrically safe in every way!