Safe Halloween Home Decor Tips From The Pros

Over the years, Halloween home decor has become a hobby to many people and while all the colorful, spooky lights and inflatables look great, they can present a hazard to unsuspecting visitors as well as homeowners. To make sure that your Halloween is not only fun but also safe for everyone, keep the following safety tips in mind when decorating.

Check all the electrical cords for damaged plugs or bare spots. If you doubt the safety of any cord, do not use it. The same applies to extension cords. Also, ensure that cords do not stretch across a pathway where they can become a tripping hazard to trick or treaters.

1. Reconsider The Use of Candles

Though they are a traditional choice for lighting your jack-o-lanterns, they are too much of a fire hazard, especially when left unattended. Instead, opt for battery-operated candles, glow sticks or flashlights. They cast an eerie glow and they are safe to carry around.

2. Put Down the Hammer

Do not use nails or staples to tack up light strings as they can puncture electrical wires, exposing them. The result may be electrical shock or even fire. Instead, use specials hangers for outdoor lighting. You can get then at almost every big box store and hardware store, and they can be left up for the next holiday use.

3. Ensure All Electrical Outlets Are Grounded

halloween home decor

When using outdoor electrical decorations, ensure all outlets are protected by ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) to prevent shock. Also, ensure the decorations have a seal such as CSA, UL or ETL-SEMKO which indicates they have been tested and approved for outdoor use.

If you’re planning to put lights into the traditional jack-o-lantern, then there are other aspects to consider as well. If you’re carving it yourself, avoid knives especially if kids will help out. Instead, purchase a set of pumpkin carving tools. They are available in most supermarkets, discount retailers and even in drugstores. After carving, do not leave the pulp and seeds on the ground as they can cause falls.

4. Wear Comfortable Costumes

Choose comfortable costumes especially those that do not consist of long trailing fabric as they can easily catch fire or be a tripping hazard. If your child will wear a mask, ensure the holes are big enough so that he or she can see clearly and prevent falls near flammable or dangerous items. If possible, skip the face masks altogether and use make-up to complete the costume.

You can also consider purchasing costumes and accessories which are flame resistant. Though more costly, they will keep your child safe.

5. Talk to Your Children

Lastly, talk to your child about safety and remind them to stay away from any electrical cords, open flames including jack-o-lanterns with lit candles. Also, give them glow sticks or a flashlight as part of their costume for lighting.

Decorating for Halloween is so much fun for you and your kids, and following the above tips will help create lasting memories for you and your children.

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