Commercial Electrical Services

We offer the highest quality commercial electrical services for all types of businesses – retail, commercial, restaurant and light industrial.

Penna Electric provides commercial electrical services in Los Angeles, the South Bay and parts of Orange County to help businesses keep their lights on for safety and security. We can install, maintain and upgrade commercial lighting systems and help your company save money with cost-effective, energy-saving lighting that works and lasts for a long time so you can concentrate on building your business.

At Penna Electric we provide the highest quality work at the most affordable price. We install all types of commercial lighting, rewire remodeled buildings, provide an energy redesign for power bills, or even split utility bills (meters).

Electrical Panel Upgrades

The electrical panel provides electricity to your business’s equipment. Power from the utility company flows into your business through this panel, branching out into major electrical branches and then smaller branches in order to distribute power. A properly functioning electrical panel is essential to the safety and productivity of your business.

Office Lighting

In many cases, commercial building lighting design was done years or even decades ago, and there’s a good chance that your commercial property is being used differently today than it was then. It’s a good idea to talk to both an electrical contractor and a lighting specialist to devise a lighting and electrical plan, to bring your building back into the light.

Warehouse Lighting

The electric power requirement for each warehouse depends on the inventory and the sorting and handling systems. Our commercial electricians can test, inspect and regulate your power loads and machinery to make sure they remains in continuous operation, with no down time or loss of revenue.