Electrical Panel Upgrades

The Electricians at Penna Electric Will Upgrade Your Electrical Panel to Handle Increased Power Demands in Your Home

Residential Electrical Panel Upgrades

The electrical panels and fuseboxes, sometimes called a breaker box or electrical service panel, is the main hub through which electricity flows into your home or office. It’s the first stop electricity makes from the outside power distribution grid into your home or business. If you envision electricity as the nerve impulses that drive the functioning of the various electrical appliances that help your household run smoothly, then your electric service panel is your home’s brain.

Electrical panels require work that should be completed by a licensed electrical contractor. Penna Electric’s qualified electricians can do the job more efficiently and safely than anyone who is not certified and qualified to do the job. Local licensed electricians have the experience and skill to get the electrical panel or fuse box installation done correctly the first time. They also know how to coordinate with local building authorities and power company regulations. Do-it-yourself electrical projects can lead to badly designed systems and faulty wiring that cause dangerously high current loads and quite possibly extensive damage or death.