Meter Panel Installations

The Electricians at Penna Electric Can Install Your New Main 200 Amp Meter Panel

Residential Meter Panel

New 200 amp main meter panels are recommended for most homes due to the amount of circuits required by National Electrical Code (NEC). Many years ago homes were not wired for AC units, car chargers, or appliances that are required in today’s homes. Today’s specifications of all electrical panels must be UL (Underwriter Laboratory) approved. All main electrical panels used today are Solar Rated although there are Solar Ready panels that come with individual bus bars for quicker connections to solar systems. Some existing electrical panels are flush mounted which could require minor stucco work, a service that could be provided. Other electrical panels are surface mounted for convenience and simplicity.

Electrical Subpanels

Some home require installation of subpanels for either additional circuits located a far distance from main meter panel or for garages and guest houses. Sub panels are typically rated 60 amp – 125 amps depending on the current usage required. Additional circuits for car chargers and other appliances would be branched off of this sub panel for these type of installations. Sub panels on detached dwelling require their own grounding system consisting of a conductor branched off the grounding bar in the panel ending at an 8’ft ground rod driven into the earth.

Main Electrical Panel Grounding System

National Electrical Code (NEC) has evolved for safety in regards to electrical panel grounding systems. An electrical panel proper grounding system consists of a conductor wire from the grounding bar located in the electrical panel unbroken to the cold water pipe ending at an 8’ft ground rod driven into the earth.