Seven Ways To Drastically Lower Your Electric Bill

Tired of large electric bills emptying your pockets?

They can reach ridiculous heights if you’re not paying attention, especially in the summertime, but there are simple steps you can take to get rid of unnecessary costs without having to hire an electrician.

1. Convert to using LED light bulbs. It will lower your electrical demand charges, and LED lights use about 80 percent less energy.

2. By calling your electric company and changing your payment tier you can save significantly. Many people’s bills are based on electrical demand. Changing your bill to be a higher flat rate can save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

3. Partition out your lights with timers to turn on in increments greater than 15 minutes from each other, this way you’re not draining a lot of power at the same time.

4. Change the air filter in your air conditioner so it runs more efficiently.

5. Make sure air is flowing where the thermostat is located so it’s getting an accurate read and not prompting your air conditioner to run more than it needs to.

6. Utilize efficient ceiling fans. We recommend Monte Carlo Energy Star. Having an energy efficient ceiling fan on is a lot better than constantly having your air conditioner go on and off.

7. Unplug gadgets such as cellphone chargers and microwaves. As long as they’re attached to a power source, they’ll still suck up energy.