How Under Bed Lighting Can Transform Your Bedroom

under bed lighting

If you want to add a wow factor to your bedroom or even the kids bedroom, then you can’t miss the mark with under bed lighting. This home improvement has been on trend for quite some time now and it doesn’t seem to lose its attractiveness. Whether you’re thinking LED lights under bed or motion-sensors, a qualified electrician can help with larger installations and make sure it’s all safe. Although it doesn’t seem too complicated, and many people are DIY-ers, it’s always best to err on the safe side and seriously consider DIY safety.

While some people may consider bedrooms as just for sleeping, we all know that they serve more purposes than that. They are our sanctuaries, where you not only rest, but also relax and recharge. To that extent, under bed lighting can be used not just as decor, but also as a way of bringing calm and setting the right atmosphere. 

From color-coded options to low-level glows that can also be very helpful in the dark, there are plenty of options out there. You can find lights that are suitable for your own bedroom, but also plenty of options for nurseries and kids’ rooms. 

Why Get Under Bed Lighting?

It’s true that furniture and decor trends come and go, but under bed lighting seems to be here to stay. Since the bed is always the focal point of a bedroom, uplighting is a great way to give it a magical, floating appearance. It’s not only transformative, but also functional.

The light doesn’t just add a beautiful glow to your bed, but it can also serve as guidance in the dark, so you don’t have to turn on lights or wake anybody up. In addition to being trendy and practical, it’s also quite budget-friendly. With the array of options available on the market, you’re bound to find something that works within your budget. And you’ll have the chance to transform any cozy space into a down-right oasis.

Usually, homeowners choose warm lights and low wattage fixtures for the bedroom. But, optimal relaxation and restful vibes are not the only reasons you should consider under bed lighting. Uplighting your bed can help instantly illuminate hard-to-see-spots and areas.

Energy efficiency and ease of use are two other reasons to invest in such an option. Using LED lights under bed to guide your way in the dark or to give the bedroom the soft light you need without using your regular lighting can help save energy and money. And it’s not a difficult task either. There are simple options like bed frames that come with built-in lighting or plug-in LED options that are easy to fit under the bed. 

The best thing about this trend is that it lends itself to every style or taste. You can find warm, cozy designs, futuristic models, minimalist or functional options, as well as lounge vibes and more. No matter what decor style you want to achieve, you’ll most likely find a product for it.  

Things To Consider for Under Bed Lighting

While having a myriad of options is always a good thing, it also adds a little bit of extra work to the decision process. It’s not just the different designs and styles, but also various levels of installation that you have to consider. Therefore, you should take into account all factors before purchasing your lighting. 

To that extent, you should consider your needs and budget first. Then think of the scope of the project and make a short checklist to ensure that the products you’re looking at check all the marks. Here are the most important aspects to consider:

  • size & placement of your bed;
  • allocated budget;
  • color preference;
  • style;
  • tech capabilities & features (such as voice controls).

Types of Under Bed Lighting

types of under bed lighting

As mentioned above, there are several types and styles of lighting for under your bed. Knowing the main categories of products will help with your research and with narrowing down your options. There are 4 main types founder bed light:

1. Lighting Kits

If you need extensive lighting under your bed, then kits are your best option, especially if you need an inexpensive solution. A LED-style lighting kit for a full size bed that runs 15.5 feet will only cost you around $60. It also uses minimal power, it’s energy efficient, and comes in multiple colors.

You can achieve the glow effect by lining the LED strip along the underside of the bed frame. There are multiple options within under bed lighting kits, so make sure the one you choose comes with all the features you want. Details can make a big difference in this case. There are kits that have motion-sensor tech, while others operate with a remote control. That will most likely give you the option of not only turning it on and off as you please, but also change the color of the lights.

If your bed has a big headboard, you can also add lighting under or around the board or any other extension to the sleeping area you may have. If there’s a chaise lounge at the foot of the bed, or an ottoman, you could include these areas as well.

2. Light Bars

Light bars are great for nurseries and kids’ rooms. They provide sprinkles of light and can be used not just under the bed, but also under the nightstands. Usually, light bars have motion-sensor features, which is why they’re ideal for kids’ rooms. They also come with several light modes, so you can set them up for both light sleepers and heavy sleepers. You can also find products with rechargeable USB ports or bars that have always-on mode.

3. Stick-on Lights 

If you don’t have enough outlets around the bed, then battery-operated stick-on lights may just be the solution for you. These also use LED light, which provide energy efficiency, so the batteries will last longer. You can get up to 50,000 hours of brightness. While they might not give you the same range of options in terms of decor and installation, a great advantage of the stick-on lights is that you can easily remove them at any time.

4. Color-changing Lights 

Since under bed lighting is all about setting the mood, color-changing lights are a great way to achieve that no matter what mood you’re in. You can go from cool to warm, from lounge to rest in a second. There are products that provide a wide range of shades and hues that will suit any ambiance. This can be particularly useful in a guest bedroom, as you can change the style according to your house guests.

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